Capricorn Sun ☌ Moon
Gemini Rising, Aquarius MC
Sag Venus △ Aries Mars
Pisces North Node

Does that mean anything to you?  To me, it gives a super quick snapshot into my personality, my energy, and where I'm going in life. And the more I learn about my own chart, the more deeply I love & understand myself.

The way I see it? Astrology is the native language of the Divine.

Our birth chart gives us the chance to see ourselves with the same unconditional loving lens that God does. When we see ourselves in this light, we can release judgment & realize our full potential.

(Listen, this Saturn-dominant, earth-heavy, Air-Mercury was skeptical, too.)

But after reading more than 700 charts since I got started as a coach in 2017 – not to mention the way I've started predicting major events long before they happen – I've come to accept that there's something magical about the way the Stars speak to me. And with that acceptance comes the privilege of getting to guide folks like you 🙏


(That's a fancy astro-term we use when a Star enters a new Sign – 

this is my big entrance!)

There's a whole lot more to Mama Capricorn than the sad-girl-turned-astro-nerd you've gotten a glimpse of so far. I know that hiring someone to guide you through these important transitions in your life means finding a guide you vibe with – so here's some of that *deeper info* you might wanna know:

What I'm 


✦ Spending more time having fun with people who like me for me.
✧ How literally every single part of my life is better when I go to hot yoga once a day.

What I'm 


✦ How to be soft and vulnerable in my personal life & relationships.
✧ How to feel safe building community with others when I'm not trying to be "taken seriously".

What I'm 

not about

✦ Over-thinking and strategizing every step of the plan before getting started.
✧ Putting off rest, rejuvenation, & purely joyful experiences until some external benchmark is reached.

what I


✦ There is no "right" or "wrong" (as long as you do no harm!) – there is only what's "right" for you.
✧ Your purpose is bigger than your vocation, but you should also get to love what you do.


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"She really was able to help me dig deep and large to figure out what my true calling is."

If you’re thinking about working with [Fani], just know that she has a true gift in helping people define their true selves. But she is not going to do all the work! I still think about the homework assignments that she gave me, and I believe they help me make better decisions about my path moving forward.

-Donna K.



"Fani helped me realize that life doesn’t have to be hard."

 Before, I was anxious about money all the time because I felt like I had to fight constantly to keep my head above water in my business. If you’re thinking about working with [Fani], DO IT!! It will change your life. [Fani] can illuminate things about yourself that you may have never realized, but as soon as she says them you know it’s true. She offers a unique perspective and isn’t afraid to give the tough love. She will love and push you and help you become the person you’ve always wanted to be!

-Rachel S.



“If you’re on the fence about working with [Fani], just f*cking do it.”

Before I started working with [Fani], I was totally unsure of anything I wanted for myself, and allowing fear to guide my choices. Now, I know why I have certain tendencies, and I worked with [Fani] to learn steps to shift my mindset & actions to come out of negative thought processes. You will be a better version of yourself. You are worth this investment tenfold.

-Sam O.



"[Fani's approach] was exactly what I needed to change my life for the better."

After working with [Fani], I gained confidence, learned to be okay with walking away from things & people that don’t serve my highest self, and manifested my dream job with pay to match my sense of self-worth. For me, working with [Fani] was everything I needed and wouldn’t have been able to turn my life around if it weren’t for her kindness, compassion, and tough love. I highly recommend working with her if you are considering it.

-Annette G.




If you're an astro-curious (or astro-savvy!) human who's looking for a growth-oriented community ...but with more fun, more "f*ck this - I'm gonna do what I want," energy? You're at the right party, my friend.

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