HEY, solopreneur:

You don't have to figure this out on your own.

This is your invitation to join a mastermind for rebellious solopreneurs who want to stick it to The Man™ & get paid – without selling out, burning out, or throwing all your money at some coach to tell you how to make more money.

Stop me if you've heard this one:

You want to start your own business – maybe you've got some great ideas, or maybe you've got a serious motivating factor (like I did!) – but the whole concept feels very big and overwhelming, so you go look for help...

...and everyone's got the same fluffy "just do it" advice, unless you pay them $10k+ upfront for their personal attention and support (and who knows if it'll *actually* be any better than the fluff they spin for free)

Spoiler Alert: It’s just as fluffy on the inside 

I sure didn't have $10k to drop when i started my biz

So I learned to simplify everything.

Back in 2014, all I had to launch my business were the skills & experience I'd acquired throughout my very un-focused career thus far, a $400 Acer laptop, and a pregnant belly.

I was starting my business to SAVE money as a new mom. Hiring a coach with a five-figure price tag was not an option. Outsourcing was only something I was willing to do ethically (read: paying well) – and I wasn't ready for that, either.

It took some experimenting...

Playing around with different business models to figure out the best way to package my offers

Learning how to attract people who want to buy what I'm selling, even if I change things up

Developing a personalized workflow that makes sense for the kind of lifestyle I want to be living

But I don't suggest doing it the way I did

Unless of course, you're ready to...

😬 Spend 3-5+ years in the "figuring things out" phase of your business

😬 Brace yourself for income & engagement rollercoasters as you try different things

😬 Be okay with failing out loud, in front of pretty much everyone you know

fucking yikes lol

What if I told you...

A revolutionary concept, huh?

You don't have to pay an-arm-and-a-leg for high quality support in your business?

What if you could work with someone who's not interested in making you do things *one specific way* – but genuinely just wants to help you make a sustainable income on your own terms?

Anyone can start a business today.

Yes, you'll have to work at it.
Yes, it takes focus, adaptability, and determination.

It isn't as complicated as *they* make it sound, and it doesn't have to cost you hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars to get started, either.

But if you are ready to meet me in the middle with those commitments, I'm here to smash the barrier to entry for entrepreneurs and support you in your journey to success.

so what do you really need?


Figuring out exactly what it is to sell in the first place, or why anyone would buy from you


Learning to magnetize an audience of people who like you & want to buy what you’re selling


Understanding what it takes for you to hit a sustainable income & how to outsource tasks for the first time

In full transparency, I'm not for everyone.


You desire to have a rich life AND bank account

You value human life and want to preserve the planet

You believe believe wealth is greater when it’s shared

You're committed to stuffy, corporate structures

You love capitalism & aspire to be a billionaire


You believe "more money" is the only answer to a problem

In full transparency, I'm not for everyone.


The disruptors Den Mastermind

a place for you to grow your business-of-one with cool people who wanna have a good time & do good work in the world

Just imagine you had...

Direct support from a seasoned solopreneur & strategist to help you with your business development and marketing plans

A place to ask questions & get REAL answers (no fluff here!) while you’re running the play

Regular spots on your calendar to MAKE A PLAN & GET SH*T DONE

A growing community of entrepreneurs like you to connect, collab, & party with

actual disruptors:

"[Fani showed me] that I can run my own business, my own way."

Having Fani in my back pocket as my biz strategist has been a lifesaver. I know that when I hit a brick wall in my business that I wasn't expecting, she’ll give me at least 2-3 ways to climb over it or walk around it. I don't even have to worry or become anxious about my next steps because I know I'll be supported.

- Cory R.

"Fani provides direct feedback and steps, so you can take action and move forward."

It’s not just mindset work but you’re still struggling in business. It’s the mindset, the strategy, the personalized feedback and advice. It’s everything I was looking for in a business membership! Plus the community is amazing. I’ve had two people from The Den join my offer because they got to know me in there; plus I’ve developed friendships!

- Jess P.

"You've changed the game in the biz coaching industry."

I'm still blown away by how different this group is! You are fast and detailed with your responses and offer expert insights. Heck, you even take the time to read our drafts / ideas. Plus, you hold safe, non-judgmental space, so any topic goes, and the community is supportive. I'll continue to recommend people to you. Thank you!

- Michelle W.

what's inside the den?

group coaching

There are 3+ opportunities to get direct coaching from Fani every month, whether you can attend Live or not

community support

Have a quick Q? Need someone to look at your sales page? Come to our Discord for help from Fani & your fellow Disruptors


Each quarter we zoom in on a different part of your business to help you grow & scale your small biz sustainably

Cool bonus, bro 😎

Create Your Signature Offer in a Weekend: The Planner

While we don’t have a “curriculum” for this mastermind (because everyone has different goals & starting points!) – we DO frequently refer to lessons and exercises in Fani’s interactive PDF: The Create Your Signature Offer in a Weekend Planner

For as long as you are a member of The Disruptors Den, you will have access to The Planner & any updates that are added to it 🔥

A "high end" mastermind or private mentorship could run you anywhere from $10k-50k, or more

You can join The Disruptors Den for $297/quarter

Other memberships like this might cost anywhere from $800-1,000 every quarter

Some perks of being a disruptor:

No fluff here! When you’ve got a question, Fani will not only answer it for you – but will walk you through it step-by-step if that’s what you need

Are you working on a sales page, marketing campaign, or even something as “simple” as a YouTube description? Get Fani’s eyes on it for direct support & feedback

Dance breaks are just a day at the office around here – you can also expect to see bonus experiences every now and then, like our annual Fall Strategy Party & more




after you enroll...


Log-In to Your Student Hub

Receive your welcome email from Fani with a temporary password for your Student Hub & set your own password


Sync the Calendar

Inside The Disruptors Den Hub, you’ll find a calendar to sync to your iCal or Google Calendar, or write down in your planner


Join the Discord

Get your private link to join our Discord Community so you can get support right away & start connecting with your peers

Hey, I’m Fani,
Your Anti-Capitalist Biz Bestie ☭

I believe that there's more to life than making money – but if we HAVE to, then we should get to enjoy the process of making money, too.

I started my entrepreneurial career back in 2014 with only a $400 Acer laptop, a free MailChimp account, and a pregnant belly. Since then, I've done everything from freelance copywriting, to lifestyle blogging & Instagramming, to giving astrology readings – and now I teach what I know about creating a Pivot Proof brand to folks who want to do things their way.


he said what?

"Fani gives really precise feedback, be it strategic or tactical, that is so unique to what I’m doing.

I’ve really catapulted from where I was (messily trying to build a business), to where I am now (launching my business with a solid foundation). For me, it’s been the no BS, tell it as-it-is, genuinely honest and caring support that has made ALL the difference.”

- Patt

You've got Q's,
I've got A's!

how long is my commitment to the disruptors den?

Well that really depends on you! The Disruptors Den is officially for solopreneurs in the starting, pivoting, and scaling phases of business – but while you might come for the strategy, you might just stay for the community & the vibe 👯‍♀️

What time/day are the live group calls?

The call times change month to month and season to season – but in general, you can expect our calls to be scheduled in the windows of 11am-1pm, 2-5pm, & 6-9pm (all call times in Eastern Time), Mon-Fri.

What if I can't make it live? will i get less out of this experience?

Not at all! We have A LOT going on in The Disruptors Den – I do that because I know there are different people at different levels with different learning styles (which makes this community VERY cool for collaboration!). There's no need to consume any/all that is here for you, but you can bet your sweet ass that when you DO need something, we've got you covered – whether that's in Discord, in the Q&As, or baked into a lesson we've got in our library.

what is the cancellation & refund policy for the den?

Due to the nature of the delivery of this program, there will be no refunds. This applies to both quarterly & annual subscribers.

However, you are not locked into any contracts and can cancel (or upgrade/downgrade your membership) at any time. Head over to the Billing Help Doc to find the instructions for cancelling your membership.

Is there a way to get more personal attention & support?

As a matter of fact, we DO have a more intimate, personal mentorship container if that’s something you’re looking for. Folks inside The Iconoclasts Incubator get full access to all the goodies in The Disruptors Den PLUS a monthly 1:1 call and private messaging support. See if The Iconoclasts Incubator is right for you, and apply for a spot right here.

I LOVE this mastermind! Do you have an affiliate program?

If you're interested in signing up as an affiliate for The Disruptors Den, send an email over to hello@getkineticwithfani.com & I'll get you your personal link to share (and earn 15% on your sales!)

in the disruptors den


+ get access to a biz strategist in your back pocket

+ learn easy & ethical marketing and sales practices



i'm so in →
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did you have another q?

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one!
Tap the link below to send me you question & I'll personally respond within 24-48 hours, M-F