why bother creating a boring af brand?

Niches are for lil bitches. You're way too cool for that.

Niches are for lil bitches. You're way too cool for that.

Learn how to fall in love with the process of marketing & selling in your business-of-one withOUT selling out or burning out – in just six weeks!


SEPT 2021

You don't have to be just one thing.

The marketing bros & girlbosses of the internet may have tried their best to convince you that being a multi-faceted human is unmarketable – but what if it was your weirdness, your quirks, and your personality that makes you MORE than just "marketable"?

What if you could build an iconic brand that is designed to attract people who are aligned to your values, who love what you're about, who can't stop talking about you to all their friends, and are over-the-moon thrilled when they get to buy your offers? Just by being yourself?

MAY 2021

"Fani teaches you the concepts in an accessible way."

If you've tried other courses before and felt like they didn't really give you anything you can take action on in a way that shows who you REALLY are and speaks to what you ACTUALLY do, then this is the right place.

- Noelle L.


in case you're new here:

Creating a business that leaves room to grow & evolve?
It's kind of my thing.

I started my entrepreneurial career back in 2014 with only a $400 Acer laptop, a free MailChimp account, and a pregnant belly. Since then, I've done everything from freelance copywriting, to lifestyle blogging & Instagramming, to giving astrology readings.

Maybe it's the ADHD, maybe it's my creative energy – but I had a really challenging time with the idea that I had to choose ONE thing to be "known for" or that I had to say/do things "the right way" to be marketable.


APRIL 2018


The pivot proof brand challenge

The six-week group program where you learn how to fall in love with the process of marketing & selling in your business-of-one withOUT selling out or burning out

you, me, six weeks




Break Out of the Box

Do a deep dive to fully understand why things haven't been working for you so far, identify your "it" factor, & start the creative process of birthing your Pivot Proof brand – so that you know you're building this business from a self-directed place of authenticity


Week Two

Un-Basic Branding

Get clear on who you are & what you stand for, and how to communicate that (both visually & with actual words) to naturally attract the kind of folks you want to be your customers – so that you feel good about what you're doing, who you're working with, & how you/your work is seen in the world


Week Three

Swipe Right on Your New BFFs

Simplify what it means to be a "content creator" by dialing into your natural forms of communication and creating a personalized social media strategy that both humanizes & builds authority with your audience – so that you have a pool of warm leads consistently growing without you having to nurture each one of them individually


Week Four

Un-Boring Offers

Package up an unmissable offer based on the needs/desires of your audience (and therefore your ideal client) and set up systems that make your offer both easy to sell & easy to deliver – so that you feel confident in what you're selling and in the tech side of the sales flow process


week five

Soulful Sales

Ethically hype your audience up for your amazing new offer by effectively positioning the features & benefits of what you're selling, being clear about who is and is NOT a good fit, and streamlining the customer journey – so that aligned buyers feel safe, excited, and ready to jump into your offer with two feet


Week six

Pivot Proof Scaling

Take a step back to look at the big picture of where you'd like to point your compass and assess your options for what you'd like your next move to be – so that you never wind up in feast-and-famine cycles, burning out, or hating what you're actually doing in your business

august 2017

june 2018

May 2019

november 2020

may 2021

September 2021

How Does This Sound?

By the end of our six weeks, you will...


Have a clear brand developed, with a fresh look that fits your vibe.


Know *exactly* what's special about you & how that attracts your ideal client.


Learn how to package exciting offers that are set up to scale.


Master the art of creating consensual, ethical sales experiences.


Figure out how to make your biz sustainable & open for future changes.


The Process

iconic branding

Feeling really good about the work you're doing & how you put yourself out there

ethical marketing

Feeling really good about who you're working with & the flow of buyers

consensual sales

Feeling really good about how you're sharing & selling your offers

The next cohort starts Fall 2022...

make sure you save your seat to the party!

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I'm not saying niches don't work or that they're a bad thing.

MARCH 2022

I'm just saying that no strategy works for everyone – and I'm here to let you know that you CAN have a successful, Pivot Proof brand.

If you feel suffocated by the idea of being the expert™ of one very specific thing – you're in the right place.

swipe copy

Your First Welcome Sequence


Warm up your new subscribers with this sequence

Swipe Copy for My 7-Day Warm-Up Sequence to increase your conversions by having an automated sales conversation FOR you when people sign up for your email list


yep, even more bonuses

Templates galore to guide you every step of the way

Depending on the lesson we have each week, I've provided a slew of extras to help you make the most of this experience – like brand mood boards & style sheets, weekly content planners, and more!


"The Pivot proof brand challenge is without a doubt one of my best investments i've ever made in my business!"

— Candace @candeeshoppee

Recognition of your total badassery & a surge in confidence when posting on social media

A complete re-birth of your biz’s visual brand & an overhaul of your personal style and closet

A clear understanding of the value you bring to others’ lives & how to package that up into a mouthwatering offer

A flood of people in your DMs saying "omg you're GLOWING" & asking you about your offers

Simple, streamlined systems in place to help you nurture prospective buyers on auto-pilot

"Sales conversations" become people just asking for the link to buy what you're selling

count me in! →


Side effects of becoming Pivot Proof may include...

"Fani doesn't mess around when it comes to business!"

After The Pivot Proof Brand Challenge, I feel organized & prepared because I have a solid foundation to keep creating success as an entrepreneur.

-Stephanie D.



"I've been in Fani's orbit since 2019,

She has pivoted multiple times and I keep coming back because her core essence has stayed true. She gets results and holds nothing back. She gives you templates to get you started. Who better to teach this stuff?"

- Emily M.



Hey there!

I'm Fani, your anticapitalist biz bestie ☭

I believe that there's more to life than making money – but if we HAVE to, then we should get to enjoy the process of making money, too.

May 2019

but oof, I used to try SO HARD.

Because I fucking HAD to, you know? Surviving in end stage capitalism is no joke – especially when you're raising a small child as a single parent. In the beginning, my business was *literally* a necessity because I couldn't afford childcare to go to a job.

So when I was thrown into this world of freelancing & entrepreneurial opportunity, I listened to what "the experts" had to say. I followed their directions & paid for their programs & invested over $80k, cash, in high-end coaching over four years' time.

And sure, I had some material success... But it was absolutely soul sucking to TRY SO HARD and BE SO CALCULATED all. the. time.

One day, I realized that it wasn't the thing i was selling that people were investing in...

& that meant I had to try less to win more.

it was me

Y'all, I don't even *like* yellow that much, lol

This isn't like the other sales trainings you've taken.

it's infused with astrology

I don't necessarily believe in "past lives" – but if I did, I'd say I've probably been an astrologer *most* of the times I've incarnated as a human on planet earth.

While I don't use astrology as a tool to ~read~ people anymore, I love bringing the Stars into the conversation of branding AND strategy because it gives us just a hint of where to point our compass.

Each of the lessons in The Pivot Proof Brand Challenge have a bite-sized astrology lesson baked inside to help you learn more about your cosmic profile & how to use it to guide your business seasons.

may 2021

you're *actually* going to have a good time

You know how That Lady Boss™ always says "omg it's going to be so much fun, I'm so excited!!" and then you get there & you're like "...why would anyone be excited to listen to you read your book out loud for an hour at a time when I could have just paid 413x less to read the fucking book myself?"

The Pivot Proof Brand Challenge (or anytime you're hanging out with me tbh) is nothing like that.

We're going to laugh, we're going to dance, we're going to create a safe space to embrace the silliness – and you're going to learn a hell of a lot, too.

july 2021


My philosophy for Live classes is: The more, the merrier!

Because you already get access to future program updates when you invest in The Pivot Proof Brand Challenge, I decided that you ALSO get to come to the party Live every time I decide to run the class again.

The only "catch" (if you can call it that lol) is that I can't tell you how many times I'll run this program Live again in the future! But don't worry – when I *do* figure that out, you'll be the first to know 😉

SEPT 2021

6 weeks of direct support

astrology-infused guidance

learn on the go with the app

find your next biz besties

"selling my offer feels so easy now"
- you, after the pivot proof brand challenge

Over these six weeks, I will teach you EVERYTHING I have learned about simple, ethical marketing & selling over the last eight years – through experience, through my clients, and through observation of the industry as a whole

But the only way this works is if you take the action!

ok let's go! →

if you're tired of trying to fit into a box & want to *finally*...

Be able to give your Inner Critic a healthy reality check when Imposter Syndrome rises up

Uncover YOUR "It Factor" & see what it is about you that makes you stand apart from your Industry Peers (Spoiler alert: it's not another certification or accolade)

Get more comfortable with creating regular content for your business because you've got more direction & intention behind your posts

Learn how to set up simple, effective systems to automate the process of warming up & selling to your audience as much as possible (so you can make more money – and help more people – doing less work!)

Establish a sustainable, scalable offer menu that gives you room to live your life, serve your audience at different levels, and play around with new ideas that pop up – you creative little kitty

you'll *love* this program if...

You want your brand to feel like YOU

You know you're not for everyone

You've wondered if you're "too weird" for this to work

You want a formula for everything

You want the work done for you

It's probably *not* your vibe if...

You're unwilling to be vulnerable

Will you be joining us?

the next round starts this fall

You've got Q's,
I've got A's!

who *exactly* is this program for?

The program is specifically designed for multi-passionate solopreneurs who want to put an end to unclear, misaligned offers and the icky feeling you get when it’s time to sell.

This Challenge is 🤌perfect🤌 if you feel like you’ve tried everything the marketing gurus say to do and still haven’t been able to create a solid brand you feel good about & are confident to market & sell

What time/day are the live group calls?

Doors to the next round officially open in Fall 2022. More details on day/timing of our Live Session will be revealed when we re-launch.

What if I can't make it live? will i get less out of this?

Not at all! Between the replays (which are uploaded within 2-4 hours of the conclusion of our call), the TypeForms for each lesson that help you integrate what you've learned, all the bonus content, and the Pivot Proof Discord Community – you can rest easy that you'll get what you need here, as long as you show up for it when you can.

what is the refund policy for this program?

Due to the nature of the delivery of this program, no refunds will be given. Please, invest responsibly.


I have no intention of cutting you off from your cohort pals! I may personally become less active between Live Rounds, but you're welcome to use it as often & for as long as you like.

how long will i have access to the program content?

While I *technically* can't promise you lifetime access...let's just say I have big plans for the Pivot Proof Challenge and expect it to stay around for quite a while. Each time I run a new round, you're welcome to join us Live.

I LOVE this program! Do you have an affiliate program?

If you're interested in signing up as an affiliate for The Pivot Proof Brand Challenge, send an email over to hello@getkineticwithfani.com & I'll get you your personal link to share (and earn 15% on your sales!)


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